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La Vista6 Sokhna

Posted by wael on December 25, 2015
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La Vista 6 sits only 148 Km from Cairo before La Vista 1. It is yet another testament to our goal of bringing the sea to each one of our residences. Spread out over 1 320 000 square meters, La Vista 6 offers villas and chalets resting along several rows descending in a step formation towards the inviting seashore. Ensuring that each resident has his or her own endless, uplifting view of the sea. Maintaining a dedication to immaculate landscaping, La Vista 6 also surrounds its’ residents with luxuriant greenery. As is the tradition in all La Vista communities, careful planning and meticulous attention was put into creating a green environment that inspires relaxation. With several pools to choose from, La Vista 6 also offers tennis courts, a football field, a basketball court, 2 five-star hotels, restaurants and a clubhouse. Enjoy a sunset stroll along the glistening blue sea on a 1.4 Km beachfront gp_media-4b22c09e-4884-4c20-84ab-7b27242ab8ef   Chalet 120 m 140m 150m 180m  

  • Villa 400m 1st row + 120m

  Payment methods For phase1 delivery: December 2014 terms of payment 50% DP and 50% on 1 year. For phase 2 delivery: June 2016 terms of payment 30% DP and 70% on two years. For phase 3 delivery: June 2017 terms of payment 30 % DP and 70% on three years gp_media-95a85ce0-cd48-4879-b450-9821cf777fe3 gp_media-ba3c5781-761e-47bb-898f-503f6ab83244 gp_media-cba2259a-7835-4ef2-ad77-8676615eb158 gp_media-d1467e45-0c67-49d1-b847-8d70d1220482 gp_media-f3e0c136-ccf1-4250-9f55-dc156b6c6edd  

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